Gaziantep Oya Bahadır Yüksel Psychiatry Clinic

The center was built with a capacity of 120 beds on an area of ​​​​2.649 m² in Beylerbeyi village of the Şehitkamil district of Gaziantep province. It offers a study and study hall, work workshop, swimming pool, Turkish bath, computer class, administration room, dining hall, conference hall, amphitheatre and additional spaces in the garden, and many functions required by special education services.

It is the only drug addiction treatment center in Türkiye serving local governments. It is within the body of İnayet Topçuoğlu Hospital affiliated to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Since April 2008, it has been providing treatment and rehabilitation services to drug addicts between the ages of 13-18. The center started its activities as a Youth Center On March 26, 2015, and was transformed into the Psychiatry Clinic of the municipal hospital. It has capacity of 60 beds.

From the day it was opened until the end of 2022, 5,026 people were reached. It was determined that 3,457 adolescents were substances users during the study, and 2,042 patients were admitted to the Oya Bahadır Yüksel Child and Youth Center.

A total of 160 patients were hospitalized in 2022.

The number of inpatients or outpatients treated, followed regularly, and reintegrated into society is 1,552 among 3,457 patients since the day it was opened. The success rate of the patients after treatment was measured as 44.9%.

Adres: Göktürk Mahallesi 150173 nolu sokak No: 120, 27630 Şehitkamil / Gaziantep