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Field Offices

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HÜSNÜ M. ÖZYEĞİN FOUNDATION RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Özyeğin Üniversitesi Nişantepe Mah. Orman Sok. 34794 Çekmeköy İstanbul T.+90 (216) 564 97 40 F.+90 (216) 559 24 70 info@hmov.org www.hmov.org Read More »

Özyeğin Foundation Rural Development Model


Özyeğin Rural Development Model engages with all development issues from a basic human rights perspective; from a standpoint that people are entitled to resources for sustainable income, education, and opportunities for social capacity building in order to lead fulfilling lives. This perspective regards development as an integrated and ongoing economic, social, cultural and political process and envisions development as a ... Read More »

Rural Development Program Goals

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Economic Development 50 % increase in revenue Ensuring specialization in at least one crop in the basin Decrease in seasonal migration for work Increase in the use of new agricultural technology Infrastructure Provision of a sound sewage infrastructure Provision of clean water for all households Improvement of intra-village roads Establishment of community spaces (village rooms) Social Development Education: Increase in ... Read More »

Ravanda Basin Rural Development Project

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In June 2011, Özyeğin Foundation started the Ravanda Basin Rural Development Project in the 8 impoverished villages of Kilis Province (Gökmusa, Yeşiloba, Dutluca, Sabanlı, Belenözü, Bektaşoğlu, Koçcağız, Aşağı Kalecik). The selection criteria for selecting Ravanda Basin to launch the 5-year project include poverty rates in the villages, the existence of a large youth population, and the willingness of the local ... Read More »

Kavar Basin Rural Development Project

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Kavar Project was launched in November 2008 in Tatvan, located in southeastern Bitlis Province, which is among the most impoverished areas of Turkey according to socio-economic indicators. The project area includes 6 villages, Kolbaşı, Yassıca, Düzcealan, Tokaçlı, Dibekli, Bolalan, and 5 hamlets. The results of the baseline household surveys conducted in 2008, shows that Kavar Basin has a total population ... Read More »

Eğil Rural Development Project


Özyeğin Foundation gave financial and administrative support to a rural development project carried out by the Development Centre Association in the Eğil district of Diyarbakır Province between February 2007 – January 2010. Reaching 1,975 rural people living in 233 households, the project was successful in terms of positively impacting the social and economic lives of the target population as proven ... Read More »

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